Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kunsten, livet og alt annet.
Fredags akademiet ,Bergen Norway
Oct 5 2012 7 pm

Friday, May 4, 2012

This is one of my new prints created on an aluminum plate printed in edition of 10 made in New York.
The photo (here) does not reveal all the subtleties and the outstanding effects happening on the paper (and plate).
This is the first time in a long time that I started to work with the cityscape elements again.It was all triggered by a long "brinner"(too complicated to explain here now) at a friends house in midtown Manhattan on the 50th floor.Crazy what a vista- a bit scary and poweful ,almost  ugly and beautiful. From there " I was looking at myself and down to the Twin Towers ". The building I was in I had been looking at for days hours months from the Twin Towers on the 85th fl & 91 st fl and several other floors I had studio acess to.
I had no interest in making an exact viewpoint here at this time, but I used elements from where I was standing now. It it is refering to the Empire State Building on the right in the picture.
Its full of shadows , mirrored images and creatures, people keep pointing them out to me.The indian print master that I worked with pointed out something interesting about looking at the image/ the print from an angle AND the image constelates in a peculiar different way.
Anyhow you may think artists are crazy people that see things others don't see and elaborate on that and take themselves too seriously.Well I saw somethwing and it is dam serious ; an image can mirror some of what is in the undercurrent in this life and I think that is amazing and very real and I feel humble.Thank you for your time (if you made it this far in the text in my Stray english)
It is a strong image and composition.The city is an extension of the human body to quote myself from the time I spent painting and drawing the city non stop for a year in the Twin Towers ,WTC

                                       NY METAMORPHOSIS  II,  Printet in NY 2012